What to Consider Before Buying a Blender.

Behind us we have 70 years of constant innovations and studies of blenders, and today is practically impossible to imagine a kitchen without a blender. It’s most popular for making smoothies, iced drinks and ice cream.

Even though the price is an important factor when buying a blender, there are other features like quality, functionality and customer support.

If you are thinking about buying a blender, here is a full list of features you need to study before the purchase: Strength, functionality, customer support, quality and technical performance, warranty, containers, security, value of money, customer service.

  • Strength- Strength is one of the most important performances of any electrical product. Of course, you will look for a blender which has more power, but keep in mind that strength isn’t everything. If you combine that with a bad design and cheap body parts, you will not have the blender you thought you would. It’s important to check the product in general, if it functiones well etc.
  • Functionality- Many blenders don’t offer much different than others do, it’s mostly the ability to blend the whole fruit and make a smoothie. It’s important to look for a performance such as a possibility to add ingredients while the blender is running.
  • Customer support- Some devices come with a manual which has one page, and it’s usually bad written and doesn’t give much information. You should look for a product which has a lengthy manual, cooking manual, online manual and product support for the clients.
  • Quality and technical performance- Every country has a different standard for product quality, so it is very important to keep an eye on that. For example, the USA has a very high standard of product quality, so blenders which are made and exported from the USA, probably are higher quality than somewhere else in the world.
  • Warranty- As for every product, the warranty is a key aspect. Warranty is basically a guarantee that the product will be functional from the day of making, until the date marked on the warranty. Simple costs that aren’t included in the warranty, could cost you a lot of money. Warranty is a guarantee from the manufacturer for it’s quality, and the key of it all is to look for a full warranty.
  • Containers/carafe’s- They are usually made from plastic or glass, and they differentiate by volume. It’s important to look for a container which does not leak the juice.
  • Security- Products that are sold for home use must have an approval such as UL laboratory Underwriters in the USA. What usually happens is that some manufactutrers don’t pay attention to these standards and still make us belive that we are safe from product malfunction.
  • Value of money- This is something that every product in general has. When talking about blenders, it is usually something that manufacturer offers that the other blenders do not have. Value of money is a term where we have a feature which persuades us that we didn’t waste our money.
  • Customer service- It is connected to warranty. A service place of the product is very important to have. That is in case the blender breaks down, we can use the warranty to fix the blender at the same manufacturer. This is usefull even if we don’t have a warranty, the repair cost is usually cheaper than somewhere else.

That’s all today guys, get back to you in next article 🙂

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